Why smart vendors are investing in property presentation

We’re often asked by clients how much effort and expense should be put into presenting a property for sale. After all, in a strong market, the property sells itself doesn’t it?

Yes, to a point, but it won’t necessarily sell for the best price.

Over the past six weeks, we have had three examples of properties benefiting from significant work on their presentation. In each case, there is good reason to believe that the excellent result we achieved was due at least in part to fantastic presentation.

A good example is a three bedroom apartment we recently sold in Spencer Street, Rose Bay. For this property, we arranged painting, new carpet in areas, some carpentry and professional furnishing/styling. The work enhanced the property’s strengths while minimising its weaknesses. The resulting appeal of the property was obvious from the feedback and interest we received as well as the final sale price of $1,502,000, which was way over the reserve and $400,000 more than the 2010 sale price of an identical apartment one floor down, which was sold unfurnished. Some of this price difference can be explained by changed market conditions, but a good chunk at least is readily attributable to contrasts in the properties’ comparative presentations. Click here to see the website listing for the property.

In our initial discussions with vendors, we spend some time talking about possible improvements that will make a practical difference to the sale campaign. This may include landscaping, painting, carpeting, and sometimes even small building jobs. If a property is or can be vacant, we recommend and arrange professional styling that includes high quality furniture and artwork.

It’s hard to quantify the dollar difference good presentation makes. But we see from the attitudes of buyers and the results achieved that it is well worth the money spent.

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