Our top 10 tips for renters

With low vacancy rates the norm in Sydney’s rental market, finding a new palce to live can seem daunting. It’s especially tough to turn up to an open for inspection to find 10 or more other prospective tenants, completed application forms in hand, all vying for the property.

We’d like to help. Here are our top 10 tips for renters. We hope that they help you to find and secure your perfect home, stress free.

  1. At the outset, decide on your budget, basic requirements and catchment area. Sign up to receive daily alerts for rental properties meeting your criteria on the major real estate listing sites. If you are in Sydney, this will be www.realestate.com.au and http://www.domain.com.au/. This will ensure that you are notified immediately a property meeting your requirements is listed.
  2. Don’t begin your search too early. Most rental properties are advertised only a few weeks before they become vacant and it’s important to your application that you are able to move in promptly. Depending on the rental market at the time, a good time to start is about four weeks before you need to move.
  3. Have all your documentation ready to go. This includes photo identification, proof of employment (ideally four pay slips), proof of past tenancies (such as the front page of the lease and/or your rental ledger), and details of referees (at least one of whom should be an employment reference). If you have a pet, have a photograph of your pet and someone who can provide a pet reference (for example, a past property manager or landlord).
  4. When you see a property advertised that meets your requirements, contact the agent to arrange an inspection. It is often worth trying to get through the property prior to the first Saturday open for inspection because this may give you a head start on other applicants.
  5. Print and complete the application form prior to the inspection. Most agencies have it available for download from their website. Each tenant will need to complete a separate form and provide the necessary documentation, so make sure your flatmates and/or partner are similarly organised. If you really like the property, it is worth handing over the completed application form and all accompanying documents on the spot. This will make you seem keen and organised.
  6. Dress well and make a good impression at the inspection. Introduce yourself to the agent. Agents are generally looking for tidy, reliable tenants who can and will pay their rent on time and look after the property. If more than one person applies to rent the same property, the agent will play an important role in determining whose application is successful.
  7. Pre-warn your referees that they may be contacted for a reference. The more quickly these referees are able to speak to the property manager, the better for your application.
  8. You can try to negotiate the rent and/or ask for work to be done to the property. Depending on the market at the time and the individual landlord, these requests may be accepted. Be aware, however, that such requests may put your application behind one with no such conditions.
  9. Be ready to pay the deposit if your application is approved. In New South Wales, the deposit will be one week’s rent.
  10. If you miss out on a property, talk to the property manager and ask about new listings. Leasing agents are getting new properties to rent every day, and they will often contact previously unsuccessful applicants when they have something appropriate for them.

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