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What’s happening with the Sydney property market?

Hart_011So what is happening with the market? That’s what everyone is asking but no one seems to be sure about. There’s been chatter along the lines that the market may have peaked early this year and is sitting somewhere just under this point. However, due to low winter sale volumes, no one really knows if this is right.

Let’s start with some … Read the full post »

The Sydney property market – the year gone & the road ahead…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that the Sydney property market has enjoyed a dramatic change of fortunes in 2013. Throughout 2012 and early 2013, we (and many others) pointed out that the underlying fundamentals of the economy were strong and the only thing standing in the way of a strong property market was confidence and perception.

The last six months have seen buyer attitudes transform completely. Particularly … Read the full post »

Boom or bubble? Alex Hart’s thoughts on Sydney’s property market

Everybody’s talking about the strength of the Sydney property market (which makes a nice change from two years of doom and gloom). There are almost daily headlines telling us that the auction market is “the strongest in a decade”, that properties are running out the door days after being listed, and that Sydney house prices are increasing by “$500 a day”.

While the headlines undoubtedly sensationalise the situation, the truth is … Read the full post »

Election date now uncertain – how will it affect the Sydney property market?

Last week’s dramatic events in federal politics have created uncertainty regarding the federal election date. It now seems likely that Australia will not go to the polls on 14 September.

Julia Gillard had taken the unusual step of setting the 14 September date much earlier than constitutionally required. With the return of Kevin Rudd, we have the more common situation of not knowing the date on which the poll will occur … Read the full post »